Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Joe Pray, of Pray Funeral Home, in Charlotte, Michigan, was instrumental in helping us design the first Cadillac State Coach. We wanted to offer a hearse with a great amount of glass area in the rear compartment, to make the casket and flowers or flag, as visible as possible.

We created the large glass area by maximizing the rear compartment window height. Then, the crown molding area was used as an area of transition, to the standard Cadillac height front side windows.

The above photos are of Pray Funeral Home's 2005 State Coach, which was the first State Coach built.

Pray Funeral Home has now taken delivery of a new 2019 Cadillac XTS State Coach and a matching six-door limousine. These cars were built as a Miller-Meteors, as they also own a 1930 Meteor Ambulance and a 1938 LaSalle Carved Panel Hearse by A.J. Miller. The original Miller-Meteor company was formed, when the A.J. Miller and Meteor companies merged, in 1957.

Pray Funeral Home's new hearse is equipped with two sets of flagstaffs, one set with orange and black funeral banners and one set with U.S. flag banners. The car is also equipped with eight LED warning lights. There are four mounted in the grilles. Two violet units face directly forward and two clear units are mounted on approximately 45 degree angles, making the hearse more visible when approaching intersections. Four more clear side-facing LEDs are mounted above the side windows, which make the procession more visible, as they pass through intersections. Pray's also had their logo made, in an etched glass look and mounted them on each rear side door glass.

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